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What they don't tell you once your foot is in the door.... welcome back dahlings!

Well hello dahlings!

That felt good.

Happy New Year!

We're mid month already, sheesh, is it just me or is this January 2022 flying by?

Normally the month of January feels like an entire 72 days!

With all being said, let me state this with all positive and clear intentions;

"This year, 2022, will be a completely blessed year in all facets.

Blessed in life, health, family, ALL GOALS - Financially, personally, educationally, entrepreneurial, anything that written down." Can we touch and agree yall!?

Listen we learned A LOT in 2021, for last year played NO GAMES, in teaching lessons mmkay?

Both myself and the TMJ team, had to take time and reset, recharge, re-align, and SLOW DOWN.... that's what they don't tell you when you get your foot in the door.

When the opportunities begin flying, the personal projects are stacked, and you forget the word- "Over-ambitious" actually exists... you end up fainting at the Erykah Badu concert.. (yes, true story). You have to take time for yourself, you MUST stagger you calendar, you must learn to say, to yourself, "it will be ok if I plan this for the next week." I know I'm not the only one, has anyone else experienced this? Like really?

Looking back, personally, I have no problem with understating what "taking time" looks like, what it feels like, and how it feels afterward.

There's so much to do this year and we're so excited to share!

Honey, "Rome was not built in a day", and that is overstood at this point.. I feel like I just said this on our YouTube channel.

Oh yes.. that too happened in 2021 remember? We - Dom and I started a YouTube channel!

Are you subscribed?

Here's the link -TheKickBackOnmondae!

Follow us on IG- @The.KickbackonMondae AND @TheMondaeJones

Happy New Year Dahlings!

Love Mondae

L-R; Dom, Mondae, Chloe, Iliana - captured by DaveyanMason

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