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Well.. Well.. Well.. Hello Dahlings!

Hey y’all!

You found me,..... again!

I will say this is rather exciting, as the last time I had a blog entry was circa 2015….ish, maybe? A rather long hiatus, but hey!

Here I am again, but this time I’m back as The Mondae Jones.

I know you’re thinking so who exactly is the Mondae Jones, and what does she do exactly?

If you haven't already, check out the video on my homepage where I answer it for you! No seriously, go watch it.

But in short I consider myself an “imaginative creative writer and director”.

Alongside creative directing for me is “The Script”, the map of direction, so to speak, at The Mondae Jones I write all of the scripts.

Writing has always been my first love.  As sincerely “overdramatic”,  I may be in person, I feel most alive through expression with my fingers to the keyboard. 

I guess you can say I love to write, and I guess you can say I love Learning the stories of my entrepreneurial clients, who are the sole basis for my creative direction.

So, here we are… back again… and I give you the Mondae Jones creative directing blog.

Here you will find interviews, behind the scenes features, creative hotspots, and more!

Stay a while and hang out, I promise you will have a fabulous time darling!

“Remember you only have Mondae.”

Air kiss and elbow bump!


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