We're Back! Did you miss us like we missed you? Looks what's and WHO'S new!

Well hello dahlings!

Look's who's back, we are and so are you!

We're back from hiatus dahlings, revamped and recreated.

Ah, it has been a good short, but needed break since we've last spoken.

How are you!?

Did we all have a good summer? It was a good summer was it not?

Are you ready for a HAWT fall?

Look, sorry for all the questions but again, it's been a while..

But alas, we are back and ready to turn up the autumn heat!


(that was lame but we're shookth ok?!.. yes shook'th!)

We have so many new exciting updates, changes, and... faces added to the TMJ team!

We wont overwhelm you, so we'll ease you in to exciting fabulousness.

I am most proud and THRILLED to share 2 new team members with you, EEKKKK!

I am pleased to introduce Iliana V, and Sam J to the TMJ team!

Sam and Iliana will be supporting our Lead Staff/Set Director Dom (The right hand)

OMG, talk about amazing right?

(Pictured below from L-R: Sam J, Margarita, Iliana V)

This week in honor of Spanish Heritage Month I would like to begin with and, introduce the DIVINE Ms. Iliana V. Iliana is TMJ known as - "The S.S director P.A" or, whom I affectionally refer to as "Illy THE BOSS".

I kept referencing the end of summer above, and I like to compare Iliana to a quiet summer storm....stay with me here people ok? Iliana is calm, comforting, yet ready to spring into action and remind us with her gentle thunder that we have a task at hand.

I asked Iliana to share a quote that she loves and she chose;

"I appreciate that in every journey we experience diversity of cultures and thoughts."

Ugh, the lady is perfect and we love her ok!?

When we see you on set, we know you will love her too!

Thank you Iliana for joining the team, we are so blessed to have you here!

Listen family, I want you to visit the site and get comfy... we've made website improvements and updates and we have HEAT coming this fall ok? YOU DO NOT want to miss what we've been creating.

Next week lets chat with our other fab newbie Sam!

The week after that lets talk.. face to face ok?.....

That was a lot, I fell like that was a lot right? Let's do this next week once more, yes?

xo and wink-


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