The Story of Royal Cultures- Year 4 an interview with Lape Ilori.

Well hello dahlings!

Ah, welcome back. I feel it absolutely befitting, and I consider it an absolute honor to type this blog post, more so the post subject.

This post highlights the woman who entrusted me to create my first, sole-fully commissioned directorial debut.

Lape Ilori- The CEO of Royal Cultures.

I met Lape 21 years ago, in the seventh grade.

A young beautiful dark skin girl who, at that time had “a lot of vowels in her name” akin to mine…

Two west African-American young girls who grew up, ventured out, and reconnected once more in the entrance crossroads of this new entrepreneurial journey.

As I climb the first stair of my first year in this journey, Lape climbs her fourth.

In our now third project together, Lape has graciously paused her immensely busy schedule for an old friend.

Just a brief chat, a couple of laughs, and some succinct but weighted pieces of advice to share with our readers.

This was a delightful, and beautifully inspiring conversation.

Without further ado I present to you, Lape- Year Four....


Our interview started just like any other “quick catch up” in 2021... via a zoom meeting.

We both hear that X-Box like sound of connection….Her mouth is moving.

The Mondae Jones- “Hey Lap,..... I can’t hear you, you’re on mute”

Lape- “I’m sorry is that better?”

TMJ- "Yes I can hear you now, hello dahling!

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. This will be quick I promise.

How are you? How is life? And are you excited to shoot?"

Lape- "Lol life is good, very very, very busy"

(she’s folding clothes, checking her phone, and is now in conversation with me all at the same time, I told y’all she was busy, she’s balancing like a pro!)

"and It’s OK, I have time, yes I am very excited to shoot!"

*Let’s pause here for a minute, this shoot has been a long time coming, with multiple reschedules finally were we able to create the beautiful film which is “Year 4”.

At a time while we were rescheduling, I am sure that Lape and I thought that this possibly may never happen. Talk about one thing after another.

But that dahling, is the name of the industry, being able to flow and sway, and make it happen.*

TMJ- "Lape let’s dive right into it, this is the fourth year that you have been in business as an entrepreneur what made you want to start in the industry of hair?"

Lape- "I have always had a passion for hair and beauty especially in the regard of black women. A couple of years ago, I made a wig for a dear friend of mine, this wig needed to look as real as possible. I was so dedicated to it, and after that I realized that this was my calling."

(Lape has ALWAYS been a queen of hair,.... speaking from the fact she used to braid my hair in the 8th grade.)

TMJ- "I think the special thing about that, is where you said that you were dedicated to ensuring that it looked as real as possible for her. Hair color, texture.. I could only imagine what that did for her confidence. Can you share with us what confidence means to you? And to the name of your brand Royal Cultures?

Lape - "Yes absolutely, Confidence" she says.. Its like she's at a spelling bee, and is about to knock this out of the park

"I want women of color to feel, rather to always feel that .... feeling as if they are royalty is normal and should be normalized. Our hair is our culture, this is who we are, its beautiful, all of it in its own way."

TMJ- "Well interview over! I have nothing else, shheshhhh, how can I even follow up to such a beautiful, profound statement? Beautiful, Beautiful true statement indeed.

Keeping that in mind, and how dedicated you are to ensuring all of your customers feel like queens, to some of your customers who may be looking up to you, (like me) who may just now starting themselves, what advice of dedication, and what general advice do you have to share?"

Lape- "I have done five years and six months of research for my brand, I would say do your research and just start!

Don’t look for perfection, just start.

Keep your business circle separate, and be selective. Don’t be offended that some of your friends don't support you the way that you think that they will/should, because you will actually be surprised that most of your new customers will be strangers.

Lastly invest money back into your business, take that coaching class and grow yourself, if this is your passion be consistent.

TMJ- "Consistency will carry your dreams."

Lape - "Consistency will carry your dreams."

In this part of the conversation Lape describes in her fourth year a journey, a journey of lessons that have been learned.

But more than ever she’s proud of herself. Proud of her growth.

Lape - "I’ve always been tough, but I had no idea how strong I really was."

TMJ- "Lape thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to motivate, and share with us."

Cheers to 4x’s, 4x’s more and many more years to come of great success for

Royal cultures!

As I stated before this was possibly one of the most succinct profound conversations that I’ve had with a friend this year.

Please visit the beautiful hair collection of royalty, at WWW.Royalcultures.COM

Make sure you tell her that “you saw her on Mondae.”

Please view the Year 4 promotional film now!

And as always.. eeekkk! The BTS photos from this shoot are breathtaking!

Go look now!


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