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The Story & Celebration of Mo'Cassa Kutz!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

I would like to introduce to you, a new friend of mine. A quiet, reserved, yet mysteriously genius, Mr. Aaron Moore.

I was introduced to Aaron by my aunt Yvette, who stated that she had a friend who was in need of some promotional help with showcasing his business and event space.

Well this is certainly my area of expertise now isn’t it?

Flashback to mid February 2021.I meet Mr. Moore at his shop.

We discuss his needs and it is decided that he would love to continue to work with the Mondae Jones.

Now, fast forward one month later to March 2021, our video is in final production, and my favorite part of post production begins - - the interview.

I will say this interview was unexpected, educational, moving and inspiring.

The layered and mysterious genius of Mr. Moore opens up, just a bit, only to reveal a more passionate sentimental yet upbeat, and quite frankly, a more talkative…. Aaron.

Aaron speaks to me as we dive in, to discover the man, his story and what Mo’Cassa Kutz truly and really is,... outside of an upscale, barber, beauty shop and event space.

I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did experiencing it.

And now I present to you - “The story and celebration of Mo’Cassa Kutz.”

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, and I pull up to Mr. Moore’s shop.

As I walk up to the door I can hear a muffled familiar Kim Waters- Nightfall song playing inside.

I open the door and the beautiful sounds fill my ears and the door shut behind me. I see Mr. Moore, at his sink, enjoying his off day.

Having met for our promotional film on many occasions I can tell you, Mr. Moore is a workaholic and deserves this relaxing moment.

He turns around with a big grin,

“Mariam! I didn’t hear you come in.”

Two things here.

  1. My actual name is Marianne, but I understand, as I have had this phonically happen my entire life, and

  2. If you know Aaron Moore you know this man is the definition of “the strong and silent type”. I attribute this to him being a constant thinker.

His excitement and energy upon greeting me is new, and infectious.

“Hello Mr. Moore.” I COVID friendly embrace him. “I see we're doing well today, now THIS is my type of vibe!” For I have just discovered that my new friend is also an avid smooth jazz lover.

The atmosphere is that of a relaxed, clean, bright and airy comfortable parlor.

There is a certain scent of musk, natural products, and that familiar smell of barbicide in the air.

Now I know why the Barbershop was once an escape. Mr. Moore’s shop definitely provides that blanketed feeling of nostalgia, even if you’ve never experienced it before, his shop just feels good.

“Are you ready for our interview?'' I ask him? “It will only be about five questions”.

“Oh I have all day!” he exclaims and smiles, once more his excitement and energy is infectious, and he is really enjoying his deserved off day.

He wipes his face and hands with a hot towel, he comes over and sits across from me in a true interview/interviewee etiquette.

MJ- “So Mr. Moore let’s dive right into it, for all of the weeks that you and I have met I don’t think I ever asked you how you came up with the name Mo’Cassa Kutz?”

AM- “Well it’s a tribute to my last name, Mo of course it’s for Moore and I did my research on Casa. Most people don’t know that CASSA is a correlation to money, or wealth, I found that interesting because at the same time CASA of course in Spanish and other languages means house or dwelling. So I just put the two together.”

We both laugh. Because it makes so much sense.

MJ- “OK, did not know that, now I know”.

AM- “Yeah I do a lot of research” he says.

Confirming my reasoning for him being the strong silent type, he’s always thinking.

MJ- “Mr. Moore, how long have you been here? At this location?”

AM- “2 1/2 years”.

MJ- “I want to talk about how that journey was for you, to obtain this space, this building. I know you’ve shared some with me previously, but now that we truly have the time to literally sit down and talk can you go into a bit more detail?”

AM- “Oh of course,” he starts off, I sense his eagerness to share.

“To begin I want to remind everyone that this building is an actual historical building and landmark in the village of Matteson.”

MJ- “Yes! I was hoping you were going to start there!” This building once held free slaves, am I correct?”

AM- “Yes, this building was a part of the Underground Railroad.”

MJ- “Mr. Moore”, I say, “this is the third time that you’ve told me that, and the third time that I’ve gotten chills. Knowing that you own a piece of your own history, what does that mean to you?”

AM- “It means so much to me, Miriam, it means so much and that is why when I started the journey to obtain this building I continued to fight so hard and I never gave up.

There were so many unfair stereotypes that were made against me.

No one believed that I was just a working man who saw something great in this building and wanted to build upon it.

People thought that I was a rapper, and people assumed that I was going to just let this building sit.

But I was focused, I knew what I wanted this building for and I knew that I needed this building to uplift the community. I needed to show my culture, and use this building as a stamp, “that we are here and that this re-defines the image of not just our black culture but the black man too.

It meant even more to have to fight to represent who I was and what I wanted to do for my community.”

MJ- “Wow... And you got the building.”

AM- “And I got the building.”

MJ- “Mr. Moore what is your future vision with Mo’Casa Kutz?”

AM-“ This is only an extension of something greater.

This was an extension of “Red Palmz inc”.

That is a business that my sister and I came up with. My sister‘s name was Red, and she passed. We were going to go half on upscale beauty and barber shop. So I’m just starting. I have so much more planned.”

MJ- “I know she’s proud. And you are one focused man.”

We finish our chat with top-secret, confidential information on other projects Aaron has in store for this amazing property. OK, they may not be FBI classified ideas, but Mr. Moore certainly knows how to plan and execute. As I gather my belongings and take a look around, I know I am excited for the future from Mo‘Cassa Kutz.

From the relaxing atmosphere, the upscale alluring beauty salon and downstairs spa, to the sip n’ paint area, yoga room, jacuzzi tub and outdoor lounge.. the man knows how to plan and execute.

Stop by and experience yourself Mo'Casa Kutz is located at 21516 Main St., Matteson IL 60443.

Tell him “you saw him on Mondae.”


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