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So I had this idea about taking a photo next to a horse....

Well hello dahlings we are back!

Actually, you’re back, welcome back, thank you for coming back!

This week I found myself having many difficulties trying to write this particular post, for there were just too many different emotions that I didn’t feel I could adequately express.

You see, (Cue 90’s “recollection music”)

My idea for The Mondae Jones started circa 2014, it resurfaced in 2018, was planted and introduced to the world in 2019...(Focused)

But I did not shoot my first video until January 2020. (Determined)

To say that time is flying by, and the growth that I am noticing and experiencing within is SHOWING ... is an understatement. (Grateful)

I remember planning my first, non public park, parking lot, museum campus, or any other “free location” shoot.

My first out of pocket location was, the horse stable.

Literally February 15th 2020, I convinced my husbae Jay to grab his “just for fun” Cannon and follow me to the stable!

Let’s pause here ok?

Have you ever stood in the presence of a HORSE?!

Respectfully speaking, not for entertainment or you know, a petting zoo, but have you ever gotten so close to this amazing creature, just you and it?


The nerves that I felt trying to capture this artistic moment were through the roof!

I felt, intimidated... yes standing next to a horse.. but more so because I’ve planned a shoot.. and now I needed to deliver.



(Take a glimpse of last years photo’s in comparison to this years below)

Fast forward to the date of March 13th 2021, one year and one month later...

I returned to the same stable this time with my Mondae Jones team. Eeek!! “The Team”- The glam, The official TMJ experience.. the top hat.. the preforomance dahling!

This is simultaneously, where it all started.. and where it got real.

This is nothing but God and Focus honey...

The Photographer- Mr. Daveyan Mason from Daveyan Mason Visuals, The Right-Hand, Lead Set Designer/Lead set manager also known as Dominque, and all orchestrated by my PA, the Brain herself, Margarita...

and well.... growth.

So now here I am, bickering with my photographer about me not wanting to walk with the horse so he can capture his shot.

Oh, my dear Daveyan.

We’ve been doing this for 20 years.

Daveyan is what I like to call “the shot magician.” The man literally shot under, around and through.... barn hay, all for the shot.

(Again yall check out the BTS page, you’ve got to see this!)

He’s able to take a shoot and seemingly capture not just his subject, but the entire picture as a the focus.

Your eyes revert back and forth, back and forth when reviewing Daveyan’s work.. you then find yourself looking at one picture for 13 minutes, captivated.

He is simply amazing.


I’m so grateful he was able to capture the growth of Mondae.

Folks, listen please,

never give up on your dreams.

Just grow to reach to reach them.

So much can change in a year. I promise.✨

This all began last year with an idea, one year later I’m humbly reflecting on last year, but motivated for this, and the next year to come.

If I pop up with the Cowboys.... just know.. I had an idea.

Thank you to Daveyan Mason

Dominque Anderson

Margarita Blackman

Summer is on the way honey, but my fabulous cape is brought to you by @TheKyraDanayaCollection (last years fedora from her collection also)

Shot on location -Nova Quarter Horses

As always thank you to my anchor, J.


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