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It's time we introduce.....

Well hello dahling!

It's been a week and we're back!

We're pretty much staying here, so hey yall!

Remember, rest is ALWAYS needed and important, but what is done after the rest is had is even most important.

We rested, so now we heat up!

We keep saying that "it's going to be a HAWT fall"... when are you going to believe it?

Ok, let me answer for you... we have to show you.. so you can believe it. Right?

Believe it when you see it dahling!... FOR WE SHALL SHOW YOU!


Ahh.. no really please keep your eyes open for TMJ magic.

It's coming, and we're here for it.

You know who is also here with us at team TMJ?


Please welcome as I introduce one of our newest team members and contributors Sam G Jones who joins Dom's team here at TMJ.

Without further ado, I present to to you.. Sam.

Sam... if you will please take it away... and tell us about your self.

And you are?

Sam Jones aka "Apollo the drummer".

And what is your position kind sir?

TMJ’s (Dom's) muscle’s muscle & co-writer

How do you like it so far with Team TMJ?

TMJ is a spectacle on its own, let alone the team. TMJ's content-centric concept makes for incredible experiences whether it be creating, brainstorming, or shooting.

Smiles are always present and workflow incredibly efficient.

Sam, what do you do outside of TMJ?

Let us know a little about how cool you are...(yes that was uncool of me to say)

Personally I create, write, and preform Blues/Jazz, Rap, RnB, & Soul music. Although as of late I am constructing a multi-media distribution/marketing company that focuses on servicing content creators in streamlining their works.

Leave us with one of your most impactful quotes.

“Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever” - Psalm 23:6

Thank you Sam, you truly are magical.

We are so glad you're here!

We cant wait to share more of our team, our exciting news and so much more with you in these upcoming weeks!

It's going to be amazing, fun, obvious, most of all "So Mondae".....

See you soon.

Until next time dahlings...



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