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It's the 4th Monday of the Month... Shall we introduce...

Hey y'all!

Happy Mondae!

"Ladies, how y'all feeling'?... Fellas, y'all alright?"

Wow! We are back at it again!

One more time this month is FLYING by, perhaps a nudge from good ole Uni, that this is the year we finally get it together.. considering, time is NOT waiting!

The speed up in 2022 is real, so why not keep up with the momentum?

In last week's blog post I mentioned how we, as the TMJ team made tremendous strides last year... so much so that we had to take TWO breaks!

Within one of the mid breaks, we were blessed to grow our team and receive our newest member.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you.. my right hip, our team back bone, complete power holder, all things controlled and organized (thank God) the team PA... Chloe Williams!

Madame "Chlo-Chlo" (only I may call her that... let's keep it professional mkay?)

Why don't you introduce yourself to the people?

"Hi My name is Chloe

I have been in the business of making it work and getting it done for years.

I have 21 years of customer service experience. 5 years of experience working in the music industry.

My future endeavors: Working in film and having my own business

I love to laugh and smile. Love a energetic, fun, positive vibe.

Quote: Success is the results of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence - Colin Powell"

Thanks Chlo!

Thank you for being here and for ALL that you do!

Can we just take a minute and circle back to the line where she said "

"I have been in the business of making it work and getting it done for years." Like.... BAM! I know that's right hunny!

I want to low-key.. borrow that line.. We got' make this year work y'all ok!?

Your dreams? Figure out a way to make them work!

Your goals? Figure out a way to make them work!

Your 2022 ambitions? Figure out a way to make them work!

This is going to be a successful year for us all!

There's money, opportunities, exposure, followers, you name it.. for us ALL!

Make it work!

Happy Mondae Family!

Have a blessed and safe week.

Xoxo M

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