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It's Return of the Blog! And we're kicking things off in a Major Way! And,Oh, Hello Ashley!

Happy Mondae Dahlings!

Que Mark Morrison.. It's Return of the Blog! Get it..? Like the song... eh?

Ok just keep reading..

Wow! And we're back!

We've realized that while we have kept a somewhat consistent cadence with our newsletter/email fam, we haven't shown the blog some love in a little bit... we do have a legit reason however.

WE'VE BEEN BUSY!! And in a major way!

As you may or may not know, we here at TMJ have added our YouTube channel to the Rolodex (wow, first Mark Morrison, now a Rolodex reference?... we, are ah, really dating ourselves here) of entertainment we bring you!

If you haven't already (PLEASE) do, subscribe to our YouTube channel- TheKickback on Mondae.

Here we are discussing everything behind the scenes of TMJ productions, on-set and off, trending HOT topics, and.. AMAZING entrepreneur interviews.

Throughout this past February and March we at TMJ have interviewed some MAJOR entrepreneurs you should know- really, that is the title of our new segment!

Eeeek! We hope you're ready dahling!

Are you ready?

Let's dive in!


The last week of February 2022 the TMJ Team had the honor of interviewing Ashley Baker of Chi- Concierge. I think I am most excited to share Ashely's mission and foundational platform of Chi- concierge.

Ashely has creatively and artistically placed the "conversations that need to be had and should be had" in various safe and beautifully themed environments. We explore together as Ashley unearths and expounds on the "why" these conversations are important, her "Bakers" past, and so much more.

This was a phenomenal interview!

Family, let me tell you however, this particular on-set interview could have ended up as what would have been an entire location disaster!

However, divinely orchestrated, and somewhat magically, this interview turned into one of the most amazing, "right-place-right timing" experiences that we could ever had hoped or, dreamed to be a part of.

On behalf of the TMJ team and personally, I would like to thank the beautiful and lovely soul Jeanette for opening her home to us.

Without you none of this would be possible.

Our YouTube recorded interview will post this Wednesday 4/27/22.

Catch us there!

I now invite you to the sneak peek blog interview of Ashley Baker and all that is Chi- concierge!


Our pre-interview takes place durning the ending weeks of the grocery aisle of Pete’s Fresh Market… my calendar notification alerted me “Meeting with Ashley now!”

I call Ashely from the aisle.

I need to get these notes by any means necessary ok?

The phone rings-

Mondae- “Hello dahling! Listen, I want to apologize beforehand, Im calling you from the grocery store, I could not miss this chance to speak to you!"

A familiar voice is on the other side, she sounds, so chill, placid and easy.

At this point I have realized I may sound a little too excitable, a bit loud, and well hyper. Hearing her voice reels me back in.

Ashley Baker- (Laughs) "No it's quite alright, hello, how are you?"

Ashley and I have spoken previously, earlier that week before.

Mondae- "Dahling I am wonderful! Thank YOU for taking this time to speak with me.

This won't take long at all, really. Let's jump right in.

So we don't want to give everything away now, but im sure the readers would want to know, dahling tell me all that is Chi-Concierge, how did you create that name?"

Ashley has kindly corrected my pronunciation...I have been saying "Chic-Concierge"!

AB- "So, I just realized all this time that you were saying Chic concierge and not CHI Concierge!

The name is a double entendre …."chi"- for Chi since I’m from Chicago & then Chi as in like life’s purpose!

So my fake tag line is “helping my people find their chi, one life experience at a time”.

A friend actually came up with the name for me & we built it out from there. But (yea), the premise is that I’ll be the go to resource to find things & experiences that are not only a good time but help folks change their mindset about things we’ve been conditioned to think that we don’t want, need or deserve."

Did you read that last line family? FLOORED! Read it again!

The woman is truly amazing!

Again this was just the sneak peek..

There's so much more... watch us this Wednesday for the full interview and beyond grand conversation!

Family- you DO NOT want to miss our line up.

We're speaking to the NFT guru Toriano Sanzone.

We're in the best home healthcare hands with Joy Ohuona.

And we're Releasing Enemies from within with motivational speaker and author Tarneisha Lidnsey.

Stay Tuned and make sure you're following us on social media for all updates!


@Themondaejones- TMJ Main account

@The.KickbackonMondae- TMJ Youtube and BTS page


The Kickback on Mondae- @KBmondae

Until next time.

Remember you are magical dahlings, in every way.



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