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Growth looks like - Year 3, Horses and Grace..

Hello Dahlings!

Happy Mondae!

Happy May!

And happy continuous growth to you!

Yep -- happy continuous growth.

I want to begin this first Monday in May with deep breath.. 2022 is flying by, and here we are in month 5 - - shall we take a sanity check together?

How are we feeling? How are we on our goals? How are we on our rest?

How are we on our grace?

Yes rest and grace, we need both to grow dahling... there is a balance.

I want to share wise words from my manager Chloe: "So much can get lost, so quick, by doing too much, too fast."

It took me a moment to really digest her words.

Too often do we not breathe, take a sanity check and measure our own growth.

I know I had to, multiple times.. this year alone!

It's ok to sometimes sit down and look back at how far we've come.

TMJ has been in existence in my mind and on paper since circa 2015, however I never planted, watered and began growing until 2019.

November 2022 will mark 3 years of true establishment.

3 years of imagination, 3 years of learning, 3 years of growth and yep, 3 years of shooting with horses.

I blogged and explained initially in 2020 and then in 2021 on how, "I had this idea of shooting with a horse" (if you haven't read that blog entry- fear not.. its also linked below!) and decided that this would be my "thing."

Call it, Mare and her Mare.. Mare the Mare, (yes that was lame) what have you, but I decided horse shoots would be my benchmark of growth.. I wanted to measure my imagination, i.e, my creative growth, against the beauty of horses.

What themes could I create? What dynamic? and most importantly.. what would I wear to the stables?

Year 1 -It was just me, alone.. I had an idea, but was overwhelmed - Too soon.

Year 2- I had the idea, the vision and the team, still overwhelmed - Too much.

Year 3- Its safe to say.. I've grown. - Now I'm able to acknowledge, Too much too soon.. but I know there's more in store..and I give myself grace.

Ive created a nifty catchy little Instagram reel below which visually captures.. my growth with horse shoots..

(Click the button below!)

I look back at the 36 months and laugh.. I've learned and I've grown.

We all have. And we all are capable of growth that surpasses our plans - - but remember the grace.

Im excited to see more, more experiences, more growth -- continuously.

And Im excited to share with you!

Have a wonderful rest of your week dahlings!



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