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Because We’re Women, duh!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

'In this first first week's entry, I find it rather refreshing and inspiring that we officially launch our website at the end of Women’s History month.

It’s almost like, at least for me, a very proud moment, a shared honorable moment where, I too stand and dramatically touch my hat, and nod in a statement of conformation.

“I’m a strong black woman. I am a powerful woman-end of sentence.”

Whouuu it feels good baybee!

To all my fellow beautiful women, here’s to you! Here’s to us! Look at who we are! Wow!

In light of women’s history month, I find it absolutely befitting that I highlight my fabulous twosome. Two incredible women in which I am so blessed to have and assist me, whom I affectionately refer to as -“The Brain and The Right hand.”

“Margarita, and Dom”.

In addition to assisting me, and being a part of a fabulous team, these ladies also have their own entrepreneurial ventures! If you haven’t already please check out their bio pages!

Dahlings, please show a little love as these ladies tell y’all a little about who they are, and what they do.

Name: Domo

Position: The Right Hand/Set Design aka “ The Muscle”

Commonly Known as: The Set Designer

Why I like the role:

So let me tell you why I am fond of my role as “ The Right Hand”. I am here to support “ The Director” in the creative process of bringing your manifestation to life. I admire the fact that this company shows on screen an entrepreneurs genius to the audience they’re trying to attract. By doing this it gives the intended audience a glimpse into what services our clients provide. That’s what I’m a part of and that’s why I’m proudly fond of being a part of The Mondae Jones Team. #TeamTMJ

Bragging Rights:

Let me shine some light on myself for a min. I am the owner and founder of D and S Tee’s LLC. This is a custom T-shirt business and more. I have been in business for a year. I started this business to show my daughter that she can do and be anything she wants to be. By in stealing this in her she can achieve her wildest dreams. You can learn more about my business through the following social media platforms :



P.S. Let’s have fun bringing your vision to the WORLD !!!! See you soon.

Name: Margarita

Position- The Professional Assistant aka “The Brain”

Commonly known as: Lead professional assistant to The Director

I love my role as PA. This position challenges me in ways that I have always dreamt of being a communications major. I also get to help build my sister MondaeJones empire.

I go by the name MargaritaswithMargaret, because that is the name of my Podcast.

I created a podcast in pursuit of my passion in communications.

I wanted listeners to call in and have healthy debates, share life experiences and motivate others.

You can listen to my podcast at

and googlePodcasts.

✨Thank you ladies both for all that you do!✨



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