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FAQ'S- We know you have them.

Ask away Dahling, allow me to make some sense..

FAQ'S: About

Why Promote With Video?


Why are promotional videos important?

Promoting with video adds the NUMBER ONE goal in which you are after - CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT!
You may THINK your current visual customer engagement is sufficient, however we guarantee your reach is not as broad as it could be.
That's where we come in!

But my customers share via social media, I dont really need video promotion , right?

ALL SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT CREATED EQUALLY.  Yes your customers/clients can capture THEIR experience, (which is truly important) but what about what YOU want your clients to capture? And where? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or your website? Are you equally reaching all platforms? And what if you wanted to express your company/brand in a more attention  capturing manner?  What sets you apart?
This is our area of expertise!

What's so special about creative video promotion?

Creative video promotion merges two elements that catches your customers/clients/audience's attention: movement and sound! Think about how our attention is held.
The more creative, the longer the attention is held, leading to better engagement!

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